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  Game Meat Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980 by Mr. Tseng, who started off the beef import kingdom with delivering by merely a bike. Over the past thirty years, operating with our fundamental corporate values of acting with uncompromising honesty and integrity, Game Meat Industrial as managed to earn a good reputation domestically. Currently, having our own delivery line and unique operating philosophy has become our key competitiveness in the market to serve customers in Taiwan. The company’s growth has maintained steady increases over the year, and our customer’s satisfaction had trust have always been our top priority, and is also a key motivation for us to give our best.


  We have six key values and advantages, including modern processing environment, well-controlled low temperature logistics network, global supply chain, direct imports, international food safety requirements and 30-year experience and profession. These six key advantages have enabled us to guarantee a satisfactory experience for the customers, as we firmly believe that customer’s trust in our products and services will be our greatest asset. 



  In order to share the highest quality of excellence to more people, we established Xin-Xin Frozen Foods Supermarkets, following the original corporate values, and specifically to serve the public with the best quality. In 2012, Xin-Xin launched new online shopping platform that operates 24/7 in order to better serve the public. Xin-Xin and Game Meat Company will continue to follow its central ideas of innovation, profession, transcendence and sanitation.


  Look towards the future, Game Meat Industrial Co., Ltd. and Xin-Xin Frozen Foods supermarket will continue to expend retail channels, virtual channels, create a sense of belonging for employees and strengthen distribution support system to expend Taiwan market.


● Devising a sustainable managerial strategies and industrial vision

● Foster an extraordinary corporate culture and sense of commitment

● Instilling a motto of work hard, work smart, work happy

● To share experience and knowledge for mutual growth

● Creating processes for optimal efficiency and execution

● Promoting a lifelong learning atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence





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